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Oscar Martínez, very harsh when analyzing the situation in Argentina: “We have reached a point of very sad decline”


Oscar Martinez He is visiting Argentina and did not hesitate to analyze the situation that the country is going through during the time that Javier Milei has been in power.

Invited to Mirtha’s Night (The thirteen)the actor spoke about his life in Spain and gave his point of view on what is happening in Argentina: “It makes me very sad. I’m not aware of everything that happens like when I was here. Of course, because That was also one of the reasons why I left. She relieved me“.

What Oscar Martínez said about Argentina

Argentina has been going from bad to worse for many decades. I grew up in a country that had one-digit poverty, which was also dignified, and was neither marginality nor destitution. Unfortunately today we have almost 60% poverty and there are millions of children who don’t eat. It is very difficult for me to talk about this because It moves me and I find it shameful that a country like Argentina has children that are going to be malnourished.. “It’s something inconceivable,” he complained.

We have reached a point of very sad decline. What I don’t like, that I didn’t like before and I don’t like now, is that grievance is used from the highest positions of power, bellicosity and violence are encouraged. It is denigrated, it is insulted. Confrontation and fragmentation are encouraged“, he stated Oscar Martinez.

“I observe that with enormous sadness and with the conviction that this is the final shot, it is the shot in the back of the head, let’s say. That is going to destroy us completely. I say that Argentina is a ship that has been listing for quite some time.” time, water enters it from all sides, and we are all on top of that boat,” he added. And he said, “Instead of dealing with that, we’re killing each other. So I want to live in a country where anyone has the right to say what they want to say and what they think. I notice that this happens even at a more horizontal level. The political culture imposed it. Today an actor makes a statement and they go out to kill him when that statement suddenly doesn’t make sense, he doesn’t disrespect anyone“.

Regarding the political leadership that has been in power for 40 years, Oscar Martinez stated: “They have always been there and everyone speaks as if they had never had anything to do with it and as if they had the solution to the problems that they themselves, in many cases, have generated. Of course there is a society, too, that has chosen what we have had. It is time for all of us to lower the decibels, lower the arrogance, lower the fanaticism, because it is imperative to find solutions. It is urgent“.

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