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Osvaldo Laport would be very furious with Soledad Silveyra after leaving the play in which they were starring


Osvaldo Laport and Soledad Silveyra They established themselves as one of the most beloved couples in soap operas 20 years ago, so, They decided to return to the theater together in the play “The Force of Affection”.

However, everything seems to indicate that this adventure did not go entirely well since their friendship ended up breaking due to the actor’s anger towards the presenter.

According to Marcela Tauro in Intruders (America), “One day she has a domestic accident, something with her knee for which she has to rest, and she decides that she is not going to continue with the play. “There were few shows left and the last ones hadn’t gone so well.”

“This would have hurt Mr. Laport because he would have liked to continue with the show. In fact, it seems that they are going to overcome it internationally but it will not be alone.”said the journalist to the surprise of her fans.

What had happened to Solita

In dialogue with Teleshow, the actress stated: “They had to remove a little cyst but I’m perfect. The truth is I’m perfect, now I’m going to Italy. I’m fine, I’m very fine. I was sad about the theater but hey, what are you going to do?

“Well, already leaving the Otamendi I felt very well taken care of, very grateful to all the staff. Bye pretty”, the artist is heard at the beginning of the video. “Well, I’m going to Italy, I’m not going to Spain.”, he said between laughs. And he added: “Spanish, like the monkey.”

“See you later girls, thank you for everything. Well, I’m leaving Otamendi for surgery. I can’t tell you because it’s not very good to say what I had surgery for, but I’m already very well.“said the actress. Likewise, Soledad Silveyra He stated in the video that he still has one more operation on his knee, and concluded: “My knee is still missing, my little head is missing a little, but I’m done. Thank you all. Thank you Otamendi, as always, my second home.”


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