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Pablo Alarcón was urgently admitted: “He has to remain under observation”


Pablo Alarcon was hospitalized urgently in the last few hours due to a respiratory complication, and details were known about how he is doing.

What happened to Pablo Alarcón

Journalist Gustavo Mendez He gave the information through his Instagram stories and said: “They interned Pablo Alarcon. The 77-year-old actor was admitted to the Tornú Hospital this afternoon, after a call to SAME, due to a respiratory complication.“.

And he added: “It has the OSA social work for actors. Wait for study results“.

Pablo Alarcón hospitalized

After the concern, Teleshow communicated with Claribel Medinaex-partner of the artist, who detailed: “He has pneumonia and has to be controlled because some other things appeared…“.

“Today I’m going to see him, but his fever had already gone down and his voice was feeling a little better, but I’ll know when I see him. Now he’s in Tornú, but then they’re going to move him to another place.” for his social work,” he added.

The report is that he is stable, he is fine… It seems that he had pneumonia at some point, he didn’t realize it and now it got a little complicated. Now he is hospitalized, but he is not serious and has to remain under observation for at least a few days.“he concluded Claribel Medina about the health of Pablo Alarcon.

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