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Pablo Alarcón’s urgent request since his hospitalization: “We need blood donors”


Pablo Alarcón has been hospitalized for more than 15 days due to bilateral pneumonia and in the last hours he asked for blood donors.

Through his Instagram account, the 77-year-old actor posted a video told by one of his daughters, since he cannot speak, asking for 12 blood givers.

“Friends, dad can’t talkthat’s why his daughter speaks. We are looking for 12 blood donors“said the daughter of Pablo Alarcon.

“Dad needs 12 donors, so please, if you can go donate, we are going to leave the addresses at the end of this video and we are going to be uploading a story with the addresses. Thank you very much. We love you,” he concluded.

Pablo Alarcón needs blood donors

In turn, in the publication the artist clarified: “For those who don’t know, my real name is Rodolfo Francisco Marabotto, so it is very important that when you donate you say that name.”

What happened to Pablo Alarcón

In mid-May it was learned that Pablo Alarcon He was hospitalized and, after the concern, he spoke about his health from intensive care.

The actor spoke with Teleshow and expressed: “Excuse me for the delay, but I don’t have much strength to speak yet. I am in therapy here at the Tornú Hospital. They treat me wonderfully well and I estimate that in 5 days I will go home“.

I have a lung infection, bilateral. But hey, I’m fine,” he explained. Pablo Alarcon. At the same time, in communication with Clarionthe artist said that he has been under observation for several days, not since Saturday afternoon as was reported: “I’ve been in therapy for a week.. I can not speak”.

In recent days, the 77-year-old actor reappeared online with a video talking about his health. He was in the Tornú Hospital, but was later transferred to the High Complexity Medical Institute to continue his recovery.

Instagram friends, be patient with me, I can’t write. I have been hospitalized for 15 days at the IMAC, which treats me wonderfully well, and I will be unable to communicate with you for a while longer.“, he expressed Pablo Alarcon through a video he shared online, where he is seen being monitored in the hospital bed.

I hope to hear and see you, and answer you one by one. Blessings and good health to all, strength“, concluded the artist.

Claribel Medinaex-partner of the actor and with whom he had his two daughters, spoke in Witches Afternoon (Net TV) and referred to the video that Alarcón shared since his hospitalization: “They know that he really likes humor and Through humor he wanted to put in this video, something that ended up worrying everyone much more.. “He will probably challenge me when he sees me today, I say it in a good way, because of the family we are, he will probably say something to me but nobility obliges us to explain it to people.”

“This is Pablo’s humor and he handles himself that way from this video many people understood that what was happening was not that serious. The reality is that the humor of artists transforming something bad into humor is something very particular and we tend to laugh at the most difficult situations,” he explained.

It is the third week that we are going through Pablo being hospitalized and that, consequently, there are a series of medical analyzes that were carried out, that is in the first instance. I speak like this because I’m nervous and words and thoughts keep crossing me because I’m not talking about someone who, imagine, is the father of my daughters,” he continued.

The bilateral pneumonia was complicated by a hospital-acquired infection, but luckily he was not intubated but rather the hospital doctors gave him an antibiotic.“he detailed Claribel Medina.

“The antibiotics were not working for him, but they increased the dose so as not to intubate him. There is also a complication in the heart; Some time ago she had a heart attack and she has stents, which need to be checked. We have to do a cleaning, there will be an operation when the pneumonia improves“, reported the Net TV host.

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