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Pablo Duggan spoke about the alleged censorship of Mariana Brey in Duro de Domar: “C5N’s editorial line is free”


Paul Duggan talked about its strong crossing with Mariana Brey in Hard to tame (C5N) and denied having censored her.

The driver gave a note to LAM (América TV) and explained: “I experienced it as the discussion that exists in the country, of different visions. It seems spectacular to me that there can be a debate on television. The channel has an editorial line of thought that other channels also have, but few dare to have debates about policies with different visions. Obviously people like it because we won the strip.”

When Santiago Sposato, LAM notary, asked him if he felt he was covering up Mariana’s opinion, Pablo Duggan expressed: “If I wanted to cover up her opinion, she wouldn’t be there. She gives her opinion every day. Yes, it is true that in the debate, as a driver, you are in a complex situation because you have to maintain several things. “Sometimes I cut it short because there is no longer enough debate, we have to change the subject.”

C5N is one of the few channels that is encouraged to have debates even with people who contradict the editorial line. The editorial line is free, everyone says what they want“he concluded.

What happened between Mariana Brey and Pablo Duggan

Mariana Brey got fed up with mistreatment of Pablo Duggan in Hard to tame (C5N) and faced him live.

In the program they were talking about the Government’s decision to close the former Ministry of Women, when the journalist said: “The death rate of women never went down with a functioning women’s ministry.”

The Ministry of Women did not work“he insisted Mariana Brey after listening to the information provided by his colleague Cynthia García. “What you’re saying is outrageous.“Duggan crossed her. “Atrocity is what you say every day on the program“Brey responded.

While the driver tried to distort the journalist’s statements, she defended herself: “Don’t make me say things I’m not saying, you turn everything around. She will interpret what you want. I can’t argue with you, you talk to me upstairs all the time“.

“If it was working badly, why don’t you make it work right?” he asked. Paul Duggan about the Ministry. Seeing that the panelist took just a few seconds to answer, she attacked her: “Well, that’s it. There’s no answer, that’s it.”

Far from staying silent, Mariana Brey burst out: “You are rude. Every time I go to speak, you want to cover me. You ask me a question and you shut me up. Is that how you like to drive? I continued like this. Can’t argue with you“. Paul Duggan He harassed her again and the communicator stated: “Now I don’t feel like answering you, I prefer not to answer rude people.”

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