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Pablo Echarri and Nancy Dupláa, provocative in the face of criticism for their lifestyle: “We are going to continue traveling and angering the gorilla”


Pablo Echarri and Nancy Duplaa They reacted provocatively to the constant criticism of their lifestyle and were ironic when referring to their trips abroad.

The actors were invited to street dogsthe program of Andy Kusnetzoff in Urban Playand they sarcastically faced the negative comments that are often made to them for being supporters of Kirchnerism.

“Don’t even think about going on a trip anywhere, you can’t,” the driver asked them ironically. “No… how are we going to have that privilege? We warn you that we are going to continue traveling, don’t get so nervous. We have many trips planned“replied spicy Nancy Duplaa. “Let’s keep getting on planes and pissing off the gorilla“he warned Pablo Echarri.

Does Pablo Echarri make ends meet?

Pablo Echarri He said that it is difficult for him to make ends meet with Nancy Dupláa, and assured that they have to resort to their savings.

The actor gave a note for Out of Agenda (C5N), analyzed the economic situation of the country and recognized that it is affected by the rise in prices.

The increases impact me deeplyhave been astronomical, there is no economy beyond savings or that has sustained work,” he acknowledged.

The crisis has a huge impact on me. Services have skyrocketed. I received 100 thousand pesos in my water bill“complained the producer.

We use savings to make ends meetis a sport that the Argentine middle class is doing to survive. We exchange dollars to make ends meet, it is the only way to save in Argentina, in dollars“, be sincere Pablo Echarri.

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