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Pablo Echarri destroyed Javier Milei for his musical show at Luna Park: “It’s a joke”


Pablo Echarri commented on the musical show that Javier Milei will do this Wednesday at Luna Park during the presentation of his new book, and he showed no mercy.

The actor gave a motive for C5N and when asked about the president’s presentation in the historic stadium, he stated: “He has every right to present a book. It is a cultural fact that can become relevant to a certain sector of the population, his followers.” , beyond the specific difficulties that it has had and has regarding the complaints of plagiarism, which are concrete and were proven, but it is a cultural fact.

I think it is a very deep mistake. Many of La Libertad Avanza are saying and knowing that it is a shot in the foot and an unforced error of the many that the president has been carrying out,” he continued.

It seems like a joke to me. In a context of more than 50% poverty and provinces that are already mobilizing, contrasting this presentation is a truly dangerous fact that does nothing but inflame people’s spirits.“, he analyzed Pablo Echarri.

What is emerging more and more is its personalistic nature.. I don’t see a positive outcome to all this. I think that unfortunately he is on a clear path towards a precipice and personal collapse, which is going to be the collapse of everyone.. What happened tonight It is going to be a very negative fact for his presidential image.“, he concluded on the subject.

When will Javier Milei sing at Luna Park

Javier Milei He will present his latest book, “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap” at Luna Park, and will do a musical show.

This was reported by the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni in the last hours during a press conference: “Tomorrow at 8 p.m., the president will present his latest book at Luna Park.”

The presentation will have two parts: one where the actual presentation of the book will be, where President Milei will present at a lectern, and there will be another part where President Milei is going to participate in a show where he himself is going to sing and be the relevant figure. Unpublished of course in Argentina“he explained.

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