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Pamela David confronted Matías Alé for his strange way of speaking that went viral: “I thought it was a joke”


Matías Ale He went through Juana Viale’s program and went viral on the Internet for his strange way of speaking.

The actor was invited to Having lunch with Juana (The thirteen) and, although he told details about his recent love story with Martina, a young woman 24 years younger than him, in X They compared him to Pepe Argento, Guillermo Francella’s character in Married with childrenThe way they talks.

“Because Matías Ale “Does he speak like Pepe Argento when he found oil in the house?” asked an Internet user, generating a flood of memes about the comedian.

This Monday, Matías visited American breakfast (America TV) and Pamela David He didn’t let it happen that he was talking strangely again: “Do you notice that you changed the way you speak? “It is neither bad nor good, it is not abnormal how you speak, but you are speaking differently than 15 days ago when you came to the program.”

I thought it was a joke, that it was a joke to Juanita because you were going to debut a character.but the character never appeared…”, added the host. “Could be. I’m about to make a movie… I’ve been told on Instagram and my friends“, answered Matías Ale.

What will Matías Alé’s children be called?

Matías Ale He visited Juana Viale’s program and shocked everyone by revealing the name of the children he would like to have with Martina Vignolo, his new girlfriend.

The actor is very much in love with his partner, 24 years his junior, and is sure he wants to have children with her: “I’m super happy. Our children already have names. One projects… As long as we both agree…“.

“Do we say it here, so that they already know?” he asked. Matías Ale to Martina, who was watching him behind the camera. And she said: “She is from Mar del Plata, so if she is a girl she will be Alfonsina Jazmín“.

“And if it’s a man… my name is Juan Matías, my father’s name was Juan Carlos. The second name will be Juan and the first name will be Otto.“, revealed the comedian, disconcerting everyone in Having lunch with Juana (The thirteen).

Otto Juan, it’s great. Juan Carlos was there, Juan Matías and Otto Juan is coming. He’s going to be called that, we decided together“, he claimed Matías Alecausing laughter among the guests of Juana Viale for the choice of the name, with joke included.

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