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Pampita dedicated a sweet message to Nicole Neumann for the child she is expecting: “I am happy for your situation”


Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain was interviewed by Faces Magazine, and referred to the relationship he maintains with his colleague Nicole Neumann. Likewise, he left support and an emotional message for future parents.

“We are not enemies with Nicole. “We work together, we follow each other on networks,” the model revealed. And I add: “I am happy for your situation and the child that is to come.”

Nicole Neumann and Pampita
Nicole Neumann and Pampita

For its part, Pampita added more things about his relationship with Nicole Neumann, and launched: “I do not hate anyone. Hate darkens you, makes you bitter. It hooks you in the past.” And he finished: “People liked to say ‘I like brunettes’ or ‘I like blondes.’ We were like two references of very different Argentine beauties and people chose.”

What happened between Luciano Castro and Pampita

Luciano Castro remembered his conflict with Carolina Pampita Ardohain by the comment he made when his intimate photos went viral years ago, and it was lethal.

In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi for Hold on Catalina (La Once Diez / City Radio)the actor relived what happened with the model, and assured that he did not feel sincere in his public apologies.

“You were a man who indicated that you did not like being a sexual object. And many apologized to you,” the journalist asked him.

AND Luciano Castro He stated: “Thank you for bringing this up to me because since I talked about it, I have never had the opportunity again. I have great friends who told me, ‘Fat man, your speech is wrong. If you take a bus, do you think about what to wear to get on?’ ‘”.

Luciano Castro

“So from this point of view I never compared myself to a woman, but rather to ask for respect for another person,” he added.

“Well, one of the people who publicly apologized to you was Pampita“Catherine intervened”Public? Oh really? Excuse me, Catherine. This is nothing to laugh at“, Luciano reacted.

And he expressed: “If I have to tell you something, I’ll call you on the phone. I don’t wait for an interview with someone to say, ‘oh, I want to apologize because…’. Just like people who suffer and cry and then profit, then I stopped believing in your suffering.“.

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