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Paulo Dybala got a tattoo in honor of his fiancee Oriana Sabatini


Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini They are making all the preparations for their wedding but, in the process, they wanted to ratify their love in another way.

Eight months after having asked her to marry him in Romethe footballer wanted to redouble the bet and he tattooed his partner’s eyes. In this way, she continues to show him all the love she has for him.

The video of the moment went viral on the networks after his tattoo artist in Miami shared it on his networks. Thus it was possible to see how on the back and lower part of his arm, Paulo Dybala recorded the look of Oriana Sabatiniwhich he fell in love with six years ago.

How Paulo Dybala proposed to Oriana Sabatini

Paulo Dybala asked Oriana Sabatini to marry him after the singer’s countless attempts to make the proposal happen. The couple made the announcement on their networks and shared a video of the romantic moment.

In a photo where Catherine Fulop’s daughter could be seen on the bed, it was striking that the footballer was holding the hand of his girlfriend, who He had a diamond ring on his ring finger.. In this way, they made their commitment official with the comment: “Forever“.

The moment of the proposal could be known thanks to the video shared by the Cordoban’s friend and colleague, Leandro Paredeswho wished them: “May they always be very happy. We want them“There, you could see them at the Trevi Fountain in Rome about to make a wishand at the moment of tossing the coin, he knelt next to his partner.

Oriana Sabatini was very surprised because, while waiting for Paulo Dybala to also make his wish, the singer She didn’t realize that her lover was asking her to marry him on his knees..


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