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Playoffs: Beginning with “eternal”

APOEL’s victory over Nea Salamina (3-0) on the one hand puts the blue and yellow in a strong position in the playoffs and on the other hand puts the red and white out of the top six, with Omonia getting the last ticket for the first group.

With the six teams that will participate in the first group having been finalized and the four knowing the positions from which they will start the second phase, the order of the matches has been largely determined, with the only pending which team from the Martians and Paphos will be in third place and which in fourth.

In the premiere of the playoffs, the fifth “eternal” derby of the season will be held (and fourth in less than a month), AEK will host Apollon, while Aris and Paphos will play each other (at the home of the team that will enter from fourth place).

The rating:

1. APOEL 59

2. AEK 57

Mars 50 (-1 race)

Paphos 49 (-1 match)

5. Apollo 44

6. Omonia 41

The program in detail:

1st matchday:

Omonia – APOEL

AEK – Apollon

Paphos – Aris or Aris – Paphos

2nd matchday:

Apollo – Omonia

APOEL – Paphos/Aris

Aris/Paphos – AEK

3rd matchday:

Omonia – Paphos/Aris


Apollo – Ares/Paphos

4th matchday:

APOEL – Apollon

Paphos/Aris – AEK

Omonia – Aris/Paphos

5th matchday:

Aris/Paphos – APOEL

AEK – Omonia


6th matchday:

APOEL – Omonia

Apollon – AEK

Aris – Paphos or Paphos – Aris

7th matchday:

Omonia – Apollon

Paphos/Aris – APOEL

AEK – Aris/Paphos

8th matchday:

Paphos/Aris – Omonia


Mars/Paphos – Apollo

9th matchday:

Apollon – APOEL

AEK – Paphos/Aris

Aris/Paphos – Omonia

10th matchday:

APOEL – Aris/Paphos

Omonia – AEK

Paphos/Aris – Apollon

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