Friday, June 14, 2024

Protesting against plans for wind turbines at Bømlo


Of Egil M Solberg | 25.05.2024 14:52:41

Wind turbines: Leiv Ersland has lost sleep at night after he discovered Norsk Vind’s plans to set up wind turbines on the neighboring property, Sunnhordland writes.

The plans, which were published in the municipality’s mailing lists, involve wind turbines with a height of up to 200 metres, writes the newspaper.

Ersland, together with Nils Anton Stautland and Remi Ersland, is strongly against the project. They fear that the turbines will dominate the landscape and create unpleasant shadows, the report says.

Norsk Vind wants to build a wind power plant that can produce 80-95 GWh annually, and the project can provide the municipality with significant income.


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