Friday, June 14, 2024

Ragn-Sells grows in Haugalandet


In the picture from the left: Sissel Eikeskog (Department manager former Miljøservice Vest AS), Ove Knutsen (Daily manager Miljøservice Vest AS) and Bjarte Barane (Regional manager Ragn-Sells AS). Photo: Ragn-Sells AS

Of Egil M Solberg | 10.06.2024 15:45:18

Business: Miljøservice Vest, based at Avaldsnes just outside Haugesund, is now officially part of Ragn-Sells, these days buildings, equipment and the like are being rebranded. The acquisition and implementation reinforces Ragn-Sells’ investment in the region.

Responsible handling of hazardous waste since 1988

Miljøservice Vest was started in September 1988 with a tank and a small warehouse. In 1997, the company bought the site where it operates today, and has developed the business to be the leading player in the market within the transport and handling of hazardous waste in Haugalandet with its 9 employees. The vehicles that will now be reprofiled are ADR-approved, and the facility naturally has all permits in order.

– We have had close cooperation with Ragn-Sells for many years. Among other things, Ragn-Sells has delivered waste to us. Now we look forward to becoming part of the Ragn-Sells family, says Ove Knutsen.

The same people on the road ahead

Now that Miljøservice Vest has become part of Ragn-Sells, customers will not notice much of a difference apart from the name and logo. It’s the same people, just with a new name.

– I think it is fantastic that we have now become part of Ragn-Sells. Our aim is to grow further, being part of a large and solid company like Ragn-Sells will provide good synergies, Knutsen continues.

Ragn-Sells regional manager Bjarte Barane steps in

– This acquisition makes it easier for the new Ragn-Sells department in Avaldsnes to grow, as part of a large and solid business it will be possible to make the necessary investments.

Treatment plant and tank capacity

Through this acquisition, Ragn-Sells strengthens its position and its opportunities to deliver even better solutions for hazardous waste in Rogaland and Sunnhordland. From before, Ragn-Sells has a department for suction and flushing services at Frakkagjerde, as well as a facility for receiving ordinary waste at Karmøy. The new department complements the investment in the region in many ways.

– We are further strengthened with a large tank capacity and a separate treatment plant. Now we also get the opportunity to tank hazardous waste directly from ships, so that our customers avoid intermediaries in this process. It will be profitable for all parties, and we look forward to the road ahead, concludes Bjarte Barane.


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