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Rainy Pride parade in Bergen


Minister of Culture and Equality Lubna Jaffery (Ap) in the Pride parade on its way through the center of Bergen. On the left, Marit Warncke, mayor of Berg. Photo: Paul S. Amundsen / NTB

Of NTB | 08.06.2024 19:13:03

Crime and justice: Several thousand people walked in the Pride parade in Bergen on Saturday. Among those who took part were culture minister Lubna Jaffery (Ap) and mayor of Marit Warncke (H).

Among the many elements in Norway’s second largest Pride parade, Palestine was clearly visible. Bergen4Palestine and the Palestine Committee in Bergen had teamed up on this and invited activists for Palestine to join to fight against what they call pinkwashing in Israel, write Bergens Tidende.

– It is being followed up to find out whether the content is illegal or not, says police lawyer on duty Trine-Benedikte Opdal to B.A.

At 4.30pm, the police received a report that a man had made what were perceived as threats inside the Pride area at Festplassen.

The police officers who stood guard along the parade route in Bergen were already armed due to the threat assessments that had been made in advance. Several armed patrols were sent to the Festplassen, writes operations manager Ingrid Teigland Tepstad in the West police district in a message to the press.

The organizer had already started evacuating the party area.

The arrested man is in his 30s.

Several reacted strongly to the incident.

– I think this is very, very serious, and I am angry and sorry. At the same time, I am very determined that no one should be allowed to ruin this day for us, says Mona Frank, press officer for Rainbow Days in Bergen, to The Bergen newspaper.

The police report that things went smoothly during the parade, but that they have seen several negative comments related to Pride in social media.

– The police quickly got control of the person who is now in police custody. He appears as a repentant sinner. The event is now proceeding as normal. The police are opening a case, writes Tepstad.

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