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Rating: Big Brother La Noche de los Ex led on Telefe, Bendita lost first place on El Nueve and LAM surpassed 3 points on América TV


On Friday, April 12, Big Brother The Night of the Exes (Telefe) had the highest average of the day in the rating, The thirteen maintained second place, but the big surprise was in The nine where blessed he couldn’t lead the channel.

The most viewed on Telefe: Big Brother The Night of the Exes 11.6; perfect escape 10.7; The people’s news 8.5; Telefe news 8.2; Chinese game and Melissa 7.8; All for my home 7.7; Ariel in her sauce 2 and woman-fragranced coffee 7.4; GH Directv DGO Present: Spying on the house (afternoon) 7.1; Ariel in her sauce and Cortá by Lozano 7.0; A la Barbarossa 5.6; News Staff 5.4; Second half news staff 4.0.

The most viewed in El Trece: The 8 Steps of 3 Million 7.0; Telenight 5.9; Now I fall 5.2; Midday News 4.9; The protectors 4.2; The Fox 3.9 and Not very correct 3.9; 1D2 3.5; In summary 3.1; The legacy 3.0; very morning 2.8; Show Partners 2.4; Up Argentines 2.1.

The most viewed on El Nueve: Telenueve at noon 3.7; blessed 3.5; Central Telenueve 2.9; what a morning 2.1; Welcome to win, Telenueve at closing and Every Afternoon 1.9.

The most viewed on América TV: THE M 3.3; Al Dente Night 2.6; DDM 2.0; Intruders 1.9; America news 1.8; In the afternoon and it happened in America 1.6; Good morning America – extra 1.0; American breakfast 0.8; Good morning america 0.6.

Rating: all numbers for Friday, April 12

The top five

Telefe led the rating with the five most viewed products of the day. In this case, first of all, Big Brother added 11.6 and perfect escape he took second place in 10.7. The people’s news ranked third with 8.5, Telefe News followed it with 8.2, while Chinese and Melissa game They shared fifth place with 7.8 points.

In The nine, Telenueve at noon gave the surprise in first place and surpassed blessed with 3.7 out of 3.5, while THE M was close to passing it in America TV with 3.3. In the Public TV, Blind to Quotes and Public Flash Television scored 0.7. In Net TV, Editing TV XL (rep) and Reprofile they led the channel with 0.7. Lastly, in Bravo TV, Esmeralda (Afternoon) got 0.4.

The averages

Telefe He returned to first place with an average of 11.6. The thirteen got 7.0 in second place. The nine added 3.5 in the top three most viewed channels. America TV scored 3.3, while Public TV I added 0.7 just like Net TV. In last position, Bravo TV added 0.4.

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