Rating: how much did the last Big Brother 2023 program measure on Telefe?

Rating: how much did the last Big Brother 2023 program measure on Telefe?

Rating: how much did the last Big Brother 2023 program measure on Telefe?

On Monday, July 8th, Big Brother ‘The day after’ It surpassed everyone in the ratings, being the last program of the 2023/2024 edition of the reality show where they remembered special moments and some of them won awards for the GH AwardsThe great controversy of the contest was that Juliana Furia Scaglione He did not want to receive the award “Favorite Player” according to the vote of his companions, and gave it to Santiago del Moro.

Besides, The thirteen approached the Telefe channel and managed to reach the top five of the most watched of the day. The surprise of the day is that THE M surpassed Blessed in America TV.

Most watched on Telefe: Big Brother ‘the day after’ 14.1; Around the world in the cup 10.2; Telefe news 9.8.

The most watched on El Trece: The 8 Steps of the 3 Million 7.9; Telenoche 7.9; Now I fall 6.4.

Most watched on America TV: THE M 3.9; America news 3.1; DDM 2.4.

The most watched shows on El Nueve: Blessed 3.8; Telenueve Central 3.6; Telenueve at noon 3.3.

Rating: All the issues for Monday, July 8

The top five

Telefe led the channel, but failed to take the top five most-watched products of the day. Big Brother ‘the day after’ scored 14.1, while Around the world in the cup added 10.2. Telefe news reached 9.8 and The people’s newscast reached 8.2. In fifth place, The 8 Steps He took a position from Telefe and got 7.9.

In America TV, LAM surpassed with 3.9 to Blessed in The nine which was very close to equaling it with 3.8. In Net TV, the National Network which was carried out at 0:00 by the Independence Day reached 1.0, while the Public TV fell below with ‘July 9 patriots’, National Public TV Channel, Olympic Fire, Public Television News (Night) and Public Television News (central). They all added up to 0.4. In Bravo TV, the National Network and Esmeralda (Afternoon) added 0.2 in last place.

The averages

Telefe led the ratings of the day and obtained 8.7. The thirteen raised his mark to 5.7. America TV with 2.5 surpassed The nine which added up to 2.4. Net TV and Public TV They tied with 0.2 and Bravo TV he didn’t have a great day: he scored 0.0.

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