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Rating: how much the Big Brother and La Peña de Morfi elimination gala measured


On Sunday, April 28, the elimination gala Big Brother (Telefe) took the podium, while Telefe once again occupied all the positions in the Top Five.

Mirtha Legrand replaced her granddaughter again and received in her table from “Lunching with Juana” to Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Hernán Piquín, Daniel Aráoz, Cinthia Fernández and Esteban Trebucq. The cycle averaged 3.5, and was fourth on El Trece’s most viewed list.

I live for you (The Nine) 1.7. Relentless (The Nine) 1.8. The kitchen of 9 (The Nine) 0.7. Argentina Key 0.7. GPS (America) 0.8. Passion 0.6. Perfect Escape 12.9. Rest of the world 2.4. Selfie Mode 0.6.

Rating: all Sunday numbers

The top five

Big Brother (Telefe) was the most watched of the day with 18.5 rating points. Perfect Escape (Telefe) He took second place with 12.9 points. While Spying on the house (night, on Telefe) He took third place with 10.4 points. Fourth place went to So crazy (Telefe) with 9.6 points, and in last place for La Peña de Morfi (Telefe) with 6.8 points.

The Nine, the most viewed was Relentless with 1.9 points. In El Trece, The Man from Toronto obtained 6.1. In America, the issuance of It happened in America 0.9 points and was positioned as the most viewed on the signal. On Public TV, the podium was in the hands of The TC final with 3.0 and on Net TV, The resurrection of evil it reached 0.4 points. Bravo TV, Hair Recovery con 0.1.

Telefe once again kept the average for the day, which gave 9.0. El Trece followed with 4.4. Then, El Nueve with 1.1. America 0.7. DVT with 0.7. NET tv with 0.2 and Bravo Tv with 0.0.

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