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Rating: how much the Big Brother nomination gala measured on Telefe on Wednesday, June 5


On Wednesday, June 5, Big Brother (Telefe) raised his mark with a new nomination gala, although it does not manage to surpass the numbers it had a few months ago. The three-ball channel once again stayed with the top five of the rating.

The most viewed on Telefe: Big Brother 17.0; Perfect Escape 12.5; GH Directv DGO Present: Spying on the house (night) 10.9; Telefe news 9.2; Melissa 8.4.

The most viewed of El Trece: The 8 Steps of 3 Million 7.4; Telenight 6.9; Now I fall 6.2.

The most viewed of El Nueve: Central Telenueve 4.3; blessed 4.1; Telenueve at noon 3.2.

The most watched on América TV: THE M 4.1; DDM 2.5; Intruders 23.

Rating: all numbers for Wednesday, June 5

The top five

Telefe led the rating with Big Brother in first place with 17.0. Perfect Escape took second place with 12.5 and GH Directv DGO Present: Spying on the house (night) He scored 10.9 in third position. Telefe news got 9.2 and Melissa 8.4.

In Thirteen, The 8 Steps of the 3 Million lowered his mark to 7.4. In El Nueve, Telenueve central led the channel with 4.3. In América TV, LAM equaled blessed with 4.1. In Net TV, Nosy Afternoon added 0.7. The Public TV with Argentine Circuit, Argentine cooks (rep) and Parents and children they got 0.5. In Bravo TV, Bravo Argentina, Distilling Love and The Heirs of the Mountain They were in last place with 0.1.

The averages

Telefe led with 17.0 rating points. The thirteen It reached 7.4. The nine scored 4.3. America TV it was left with 4.1. Net TV surpassed with 0.7 the Public TV with 0.5, and Bravo TV it only added 0.1.

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