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Raúl Rizzo took aim strongly at Javier Milei and called him perverse and cruel: “I wish he could not fulfill his mandate”


Raul Rizzo aimed strongly against Javier Milei and hoped that he would not be able to fulfill his mandate. “It is perverse and cruel”

The actor spoke with Juan Etchegoyen for Miter Live and when asked about the situation that culture is going through due to the president’s measures, he expressed: “We from the place of culture We are going through one of the worst moments in our history because we are attacked in institutions that do our job.”

What Raúl Rizzo said about Javier Milei

“It is a very hard, difficult and tremendous time and at the country level we have horrendous inflation, work is falling. There is no production or prospects for. They withhold food that people need. What is happening is perverse, cruel. We are living in a terrible time. Those are the terms that define Milei’s government, perverse and cruel, There is a degree of perversion that has no limits. It would seem that they enjoy the pain of society“, he stated.

In turn, the actor assured that he is affected by the economic situation that the country is going through: “Everything is inaccessible and one is reduced to basic things, I’m not talking to you about trips, I’m talking to you about everyday things.”

On the other hand, he also commented on Guillermo Francella’s statements in support of Javier Milei: “I don’t agree with them at all. There are 20 billion measures that can be taken without reaching a tremendous and ruthless adjustment like the one this government is taking, he speaks because he has a full belly and speaks from a place of selfishness. I “I add to those criticisms of Francella, you can’t take the navel all the time.”

“If this continues the way it is, with this government we will be left without a society or a people. The number of social outbreaks that there will be, Argentina has a dark, black path and if this man’s mandate is carried out we will end up in a horrible way.. If it has reached this point in six months, I don’t want to imagine two more years. What is coming is terrifying, we are already in a panic zone“, he analyzed.

I wish that Javier Milei cannot fulfill his term as president because it is terrifying what it is leading us to. There is a lack of democracy, laws have been imposed by decree,” he asked. Raul Rizzo.

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