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Record-breaking hurricane season ahead in the US


Hurricane Idalia caused great destruction, including in Horseshoe Bay in Florida last autumn. Experts believe 2024 will be the year with the most Atlantic hurricanes ever. Photo: Rebecca Blackwell / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 23.05.2024 23:31:18

Weather: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued the warning on Thursday

Category 3 hurricanes can have wind gusts of up to 178 kilometers per hour and cause enormous damage to buildings, fallen trees and often cause power and water cuts for days or months.

NOAA explains the expected increase with high sea temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and conditions related to the La Niña weather phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean. The agency points to man-made climate change warming the oceans and melting ice on land, which leads to higher sea levels and stronger storm surges.

– The forecast for named storms – hurricanes and major hurricanes – is the highest that NOAA has ever issued in the May outlook, says Rick Spinrad in NOAA.

– There is reason to be concerned, of course, but not alarmed, says Director Ken Graham of the National Weather Service, which asks American citizens to prepare for storms.

The North Atlantic hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June to late November.

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