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Record seizure at Bama creates fear


In 2023, three record seizures of a total of 2.3 tonnes of cocaine were made at Bama’s facility in Groruddalen. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 04:49:33

Working life: – I look over my shoulder an extra time, an anonymous employee at Bama tells VG. He says that several employees at Bama fear for their own safety.

In 2023, three record seizures of cocaine were made at Bama’s facility in Groruddalen, where the person in question works. In March, around 800 kilograms were found, the following month, up to 900 kilograms were found, and in July, close to 600 kilograms of cocaine were found.

In April, NRK reported that six Swedish criminals were outside Bama’s facility before the seizure in March. They were tasked with collecting the cocaine, according to the police.

Executive director for communications and public relations at Bama, Pia Gulbrandsen, does not like what she is told.

– These are professional banana specialists who suddenly stand here and discover many hundreds of kilograms of cocaine. In addition, we learn that heavy criminals sat on the outside. That was close. It shouldn’t be like that. Our employees must feel safe at work.

The facility in Groruddalen receives around 2,800 containers of bananas annually. Very few are checked, writes VG.

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