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Red Bull mastermind Adrian Newey is leaving the team


Red Bull loses Adrian Newey in the team’s Formula 1 venture. Photo: Andy Wong / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 01.05.2024 11:34:00

Sport: That is confirmed in a statement from the team on Wednesday.

It has long been reported that Newey could be leaving Red Bull as his contract is about to expire. This has been flatly rejected by team manager Christian Horner, among others.

– We do not comment on contracts or the length of contracts, but he will be here for many years to come, Horner recently told Sky Sports.

As technical manager, Newey has been a very valuable asset to Red Bull.

– Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to design fast cars. My dream was to become an engineer in Formula 1, and I have been lucky enough to make that dream come true, says Newey.

– For almost two decades, it has been a great honor to have played a key role in Red Bull Racing’s journey from newcomer to becoming a title-winning team. However, I feel that now is an opportune moment to hand over the baton to others and seek new challenges, he adds.

Team manager Horner pays tribute to Newey for what he has contributed.

– All our greatest moments in the last 20 years have come with Adrian’s hand at the technical helm. His vision and brilliance have helped us to 13 titles in 20 seasons, he says.

Horner adds that the legacy Newey leaves behind reverberates through the halls of the team’s premises in Milton Keynes.

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