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Researchers critical of tightened age limit for social media


Experts are unsure whether the proposal for an age limit with verification through BankID is at all possible to implement. Photo: Wilma Nora D. Nygaard / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 04:03:11

Crime and justice: Today, the age limit for social media is 13 years, with parental consent. The companies do not have the opportunity to verify age or consent.

In the proposal being discussed in the Conservative Party, the age limit is to be enforced by making us log into social media with BankID. Right-wing politicians Henrik Asheim, Nikolai Astrup and Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde propose a hard 15-year limit.

That makes several experts squirm. They believe that it is technically, ethically and legally problematic, and that it is uncertain whether it will work at all or is possible to implement.

Doctoral scholarship holder Clara Julia Reich from Oslo Met emphasizes the ethical problems:

– Some children are more mature, and others are more vulnerable. Children have a right to participate online, she says.

She also points out that it is possible to connect via VPN and bypass the entire verification process.

Senior legal adviser at the Data Protection Authority Anders Sæve Obrestad is also skeptical:

– If you introduce an age limit that must be verified, everyone must comply with it. It challenges the possibility of being anonymous on the internet.

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