Monday, June 17, 2024

Respect the fire ban


Of thomas | 22.05.2024 20:38:40

The bonfire ban: The beautiful and warm weather, as well as the absence of rain, leads to dry vegetation all over Western Norway. The downside of summery temperatures and little rain is that only a small spark can lead to grass and forest fires.

The forest fire between Burmavegen and Stiklevannet on the night of Sunday reminds us that it is dry in the field after relatively many days of sunshine. It does not seem likely to change in the next few days, Karmøy municipality writes on its website.

Furthermore, the municipality writes that wind and low humidity combined with high temperature in the next few days give reason to recall the ban on bonfires. Neither bonfires nor barbecues are allowed in the outfield.

In Bergen, the fire service has gone so far as to prohibit the use of several prepared campfire and barbecue areas, reports Bergen municipality.


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