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Returning home from the long weekend was expected to create queues in several places


The Swedish Road Administration urges motorists who are going home after the long weekend to drive carefully. Queuing and delays are expected. Photo: Frederik Ringnes / NTB

Of NTB | 20.05.2024 14:21:01

Crime and justice: Most queues and delays are expected on the E6 between Svinesund and Oslo and the E18 between Kragerø and Oslo.

– Expect more traffic than normal towards Oslo due to the recently introduced ban on electric cars in public transport lanes. Drive carefully and show consideration, writes the Swedish Road Administration in a message X.

A lot of traffic is also expected in Western Norway, and slippery, snow-covered roads are also reported in the north.

Among other things, queues tend to form on the E16 at the Trengereidkrysset where the cars coming from Voss and Kvamskogen meet. Guide car driving through the Jamna tunnel in Vaksdal can create extra congestion on the E16.

– Those who work there have prepared, but the driver’s car driving can lead to quite a queue, says Blom.

On the ferry connection Lavik–Oppedal from the direction of Sogn towards Bergen on the E39, an extra ferry has been installed, and so is the connection Mortavika–Arsvågen from Stavanger.

– Spring has been put on pause, and we can once again report very slippery roads in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, writes Vegtrafikksentralen nord on X.

– There will be longer queues than usual, but it is difficult to say when it will be worst, says traffic operator Malin Blom at Vegtrafikksentralen to Bergens Tidende.

For those coming from Sogn towards Bergen on the E39, it is good news that extra departures have been introduced on the Lavik–Oppedal ferry connection.

Winter is back in the north and people in Tromsø, among others, woke up to snow on Monday morning. The Swedish Road Traffic Center warns of slippery roads in Northern Norway.

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