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Ricky Diotto, the ex-partner of María Fernanda Callejón, told how he lives his romance with Delfina Gerez Bosco


Ricky Diotto found love after his scandalous separation from María Fernanda Callejón and confirmed his relationship with Delfina Gerez Bosco.

Although the former participant of The Famous Hotel (El Trece) had already made this news public, The musician wanted to do his part through an audio that he sent to Juan Etchegoyen and which, later, happened in Miter Live (Radio Miter).

In this way, the journalist announced: “After his scandalous separation from Fernanda Callejón, the musician once again bet on love and with a famous woman. Now I’m going to tell you what Ricky told me but he’s really in love. I talked to him about this. Ricky has a super low profile and he confessed to me in her words what he feels for her“.

This is how he revealed how they met and the deep affection they have for each other: “What Ricky Diotto tells me is the following. ‘Delfina and I met on Gaby’s birthday, a mutual friend. From there we continue talking and we don’t stop seeing each other. He does my heart very good and is from another planet’”.

Words from a guy in love and the truth is I love this couple. I hope they last forever because they both deserve to be happy after the things they have experienced in the past with other couples,” Juan Etchegoyen expressed his wish about the relationship between Ricjy Diotto and Delfina Gerez Bosco.

What happened between María Fernanda Callejón and Ricky Diotto?

In Afternoon Nosers (Net TV), Lucas Bertero He said that the situation for María Fernanda Callejón is becoming more and more complex, since the lawyer who represented her in her divorce from Ricardo Diottohad decided to abandon the cause.

The journalist assured that the actress’s claims in her lawsuit against her ex would have bothered her lawyer, who made the decision to give up defending her: “Dr. Martín Francolino has just left Fernanda Callejón’s cause and still does not appear in the file as having left, nor does there appear a new name of a lawyer“.

In addition, Bertero He said: “She doesn’t want to continue moving forward because there would be certain things, certain details, certain inconsistencies for which Fernanda wants to continue fighting and going for them that the doctor thinks is not the case. There were already conflicts, there were sparks. So he automatically resigned from being her lawyer.“.

Furthermore, Mr. Francolino was the one who notified the other party that he was no longer the lawyer. Now Diotto goes deep, those inconsistencies they talk about, he knows them and feels that the damage that has been done to him is immense“Lucas concluded.


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