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Robertito Funes Ugarte picked up a dog from the street after making a mobile phone: “Thank you Pippa”


Robertito Funes Ugarte He rescued a dog from the street and adopted her. The event occurred while he was making a mobile phone in La Salada. She dropped the microphone, and decided to expand her family, sharing the tender moment from her Instagram account.

Once the interviews were over, he picked up the dog and took her directly to the vet. Then, she decided to dedicate a tender post to him, and at the same time reunite him with her dachshund who already receives all the love from her owner. Now, he expanded the family.

“This is Pippa’s story. By chance or destiny our lives crossed, we had to meet and God wanted it to be that way. In the middle of a live TV show he walked past me looking for affection and food. Without receiving one thing or the other, resigned and with her tail between her legs, she was lost in the crowd.the posting began.

“While doing the live interviews, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to get her out of there. Desperate I went out to look for her and saw her up close. She was emaciated, full of fleas, ticks and had just given birth. I asked the sellers in La Salada, where I came across many abandoned dogs in terrible condition, who knew about her and her puppies.”, he continued.

Then, she commented that she was taken to the vet, and that she has not been afraid for around 2 years, and knows the terror of man firsthand.

Finally, Robertito Funes Ugarte finished the post: “Like Pippa there are thousands of survivors who need you. God bless you. And thank you Pippa and all the dogs that came into my life who gave me their hearts. I have recorded each of her loving glances. #VirgendeLuján give me health and work so that my life companions do not lack a plate of food or veterinary care, Amen.”

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