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Roberto Canessa was involved in a scandal after harassing two women in Mexico


Roberto CanessaUruguayan cardiologist and survivor of the tragedy of the Andesbecame involved in a controversy in Mexico for harassing two women. The moments were recorded by the local cameras and their actions were repudiated on the networks.

What happened to Roberto Canessa?

In a talk he gave in the country, Canessa He took a photo with some of the women who witnessed the interview. There, the former Uruguayan rugby player is sitting in a blue chair on the stage, while he took photos with two young people and placed his hand on their buttocks while they crouched down to pose.

Renata, one of the harassed women, announced the moment through her X account (@renatarmza). “I really admired Roberto Canessa until this, terrible experience at the time of the photo,” wrote.

On the networks they exploded with anger against the doctor and expressed: “What a pervert. I hope these girls press charges because this is sexual abuse”; “How crazy to see this from such an emblematic character. It disappointed me”; “Old profiteer”; “How disgusting, I hope they report it.”

“More than inspired, I was disappointed in this man who, when taking the photo, grabbed all the girls (obviously I didn’t get on)”, pointed out one of the fans next to a video where she rests her hand on the back of another woman.

On the other hand, TN He contacted the ex-rugbier to find out what he thought about what happened, and explained: “Nothing important. A hug.” Without giving too many details, of course Roberto Canessa was “cancelled” by many fans by making their reprehensible gestures known on the networks.

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