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Roberto Moldavsky will leave the hosting of his program on El Trece: who will replace him


Roberto Moldavsky he will leave the hosting of his program in El Trece, One of twoand will be replaced by Federico Bal.

Why Roberto Moldavsky is leaving El Trece

From the portal City Magazine reported that The comedian will soon say goodbye to the program to dedicate himself fully to theaterand will not be able to make the recordings because he will go on tour with his show.

Roberto Moldavsky

At the same time, they revealed that Federico Bal is chosen to replace Moldavskyand he confirmed it through a message on the network.

It should be remembered that the actor already has experience in hosting programs, since he is in charge of Rest of the world for several seasons now.

Roberto Moldavsky debuted with One of two In March of this year and before the premiere, he talked about his pass Telefe to The thirteen. “Was it a dilemma for you to leave Telefe to come to El Trece?” he asked. Adrian Pallares in Show Partners. “It was a dilemma because I get along great with the people at Telefe. But I wasn’t in the mood to go back to TV until something appeared that could be me. The issue here is that I am Moldavsky, if I have to play characters it gets complicated,” he responded. Roberto Moldavsky.

“Do you feel that Telefe did not finish giving you an opportunity for a greater launching platform?” he wanted to know. Rodrigo Lussich. “Telefe gave me a lot from the point of view of important programs“said the actor. And he added: “To return to TV I wanted to be me. And Telefe didn’t have it now… or I didn’t have the superior idea either, I never brought them a humor project“.

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