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Rocío Pardo was very much in love with Nicolás Cabré


Brown RocioUlysses Bueno’s ex-partner, She is currently dating Nicolás Cabré. Their relationship was confirmed by the actor himself through his social networks a month ago.

Because they did not provide many details about their relationship, the dancer told some in Show Partners (El Trece): “We are doing very well. We started a relationship and we are in a very nice moment. Like any relationship, we are building a healthy bond that enhances both of us as people.“.

Likewise, he assured that there are no coexistence plans: “Everyone has their own home but, the truth is, we are together all day”.

Finally, he referred to the great record that the actor has with his ex-partners: “I’m not worried about your previous relationships, you are always different in each one. I too had past relationships and you can’t judge a person by what they were, what they did or what they say they did. I let him surprise me every day“.

How Nicolás Cabré confirmed his romance with Rocío Pardo

Nicolás Cabré used the network to confirm his current relationship with Brown Rocio, former of the quartet Ulises Bueno. The actor whitewashed his sentimental situation with two photos with the young woman.

“Words are unnecessary”wrote Nicolás Cabré on his official Instagram account, along with two photos that show him hugging Pardo. One of the postcards shows their relationship by showing themselves more cuddly on the beach.

The news was initially reported by Pepe Ochoa in LAM (America). In Ángel de Brito’s program, they defined him as the couple that “summer brought together.” It all arose from a leaked photo, which showed them eating together.

Rocio Pardo and Nicolas Cabre photos together
Nicolás Cabré with Rocío Pardo

They did the theater season together, he with “The Three Musketeers”, with Jorge Suárez, Nicolás Scarpino and Fredy Villarreal, and she with “Pabellón Tornú” that she co-directs with Mariana Massera.

“He bets on love again with Rocío Pardo, who is Ulises Bueno’s ex. They are getting to know each other, it is a relationship that has been going on for a while. They are already shown together in Carlos Paz and the summer brought them together and they are in love,” Ochoa said weeks ago. “Excellent person. Thank God there are people like that,” said Marixa Balli.


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