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Rocío Robles would have had an intimate meeting with Rodrigo De Paul: Alexis Mac Allister’s representative sent her to the front


Rocio Robles He denied having an affair with Alexis MacAllisterbut the footballer’s representative sent her to the front and assured that she had an intimate meeting with Rodrigo DePaul.

During the weekend, From Paul He celebrated his birthday with a mega party, attended by several celebrities and where the use of cell phones was not allowed. The model was invited and in the last hours It was rumored that Mac Allister had been unfaithful to his girlfriend, Ailén Covawith her.

Given this information, Santiago Sposatocolumnist for LAM (América TV) and journalist for Radio La Red, contacted Rocio Robles and she clarified: “It was with someone else, but I’m not interested in it being known or anything like that. I’m single and I’m going to stay that way. I don’t live off my private life nor am I going to“.

To all this, this Monday in LAM (America TV), Angel de Brito explained the message sent to him by the representative of Alexis Mac Allister, denying infidelity to his girlfriend.

“I’m Ramiro Rodríguez, press officer for Alexis Mac Allister. I wanted to send you our statement,” he introduced. And he detailed: “Fake news. Today they are trying to establish in a malicious way that Alexis Mac Allister went out with journalist Rocío Robles at Rodrigo De Paul’s birthday party, where there were hundreds of people from the football and entertainment scene.“.

Rocío Robles would have been with Rodrigo de Paul
The statement from Alexis Mac Allister’s representative

At the end of the message, he revealed explosively: “The reality is that Robles went out with the birthday host, she was invited by him. “Mac Allister came alone and left alone.”

Was Alexis Mac Allister unfaithful to Ailén Cova?

Alexis MacAllister he would have been unfaithful to his girlfriend, Ailen Covaand memes automatically broke out on the internet about Camila Mayan.

This Monday, Pepe Ochoa told in the streaming program The morning army (Bondi) that The Argentine National Team soccer player would have been kissing with the model and journalist Rocío Robles.

Rocío Robles was kissing all night“Kiss that goes, kiss that comes, wiggle that goes, wiggle that comes, bodies that rub…”, he introduced in an enigmatic way.

She ended up going to his house to spend the night… they obviously chatted all nightwith… Alexis MacAllister!“, the communicator finally revealed, generating an impact on the study.

Immediately, Internet users displayed all their ingenuity on the Internet and shared funny memes about Camila Mayanex-partner of Alexis MacAllister and also a close friend of Ailen Cova until she became a girlfriend with the soccer player.

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