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Rodrigo Noya underwent an operation that will change his life forever: “The care I received was first class”


Rodrigo Noya revealed in his official Instagram account A few days ago he was going to have surgery on his eyes to stop wearing the glasses that marked him since his acting beginnings all the time. The operation was done in the city of Mendoza, and the actor decided to make a Vlog for his people.

And he confirmed it by making a publication via networks where he stated: “New stage, I am truly happy. Glasses accompanied me all my life, they were part of my personality and today I decide to have surgery for a health issue!”

After the notice, he moved to the city of Mendoza to begin the treatment. The first eye was the left one and he is waiting for hours to pass before having surgery on the right one. AND Not now commented: “First day, left eye operated with the ICL lenses. The experience was incredible.”

“I felt absolutely nothing. And the care you receive is top-notch. Plus, this is just the beginning!” hill.

Finally, Rodrigo Noya He uploaded a video to his feed touring the entire clinic, and showed how it will be handled from now on until his intervention is finished.

What operation did Rodrigo Noya have?

The surgical intervention that the actor underwent was basically putting a glass lens (like a contact lens) inside both of his eyes. This Wednesday, May 15, it was the left eye’s turn, tomorrow it will be the right eye’s turn.

Likewise, Rodrigo Noya explained it more simply: “Many have been asking me what I am going to do. The operation consists of an intraocular lens, that is, like a lens that goes inside the eye.” she closed.

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