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Roland Garros | Novak Djokovic has doubts about participating in the quarter-finals after an injury – “I hope so”


The Serbian appeared to suddenly twist his knee when he slipped early in the second set, leading to multiple medical timeouts. In the meantime, Djokovic fell behind against Cerundolo and the end seemed near.

While Djokovic tried to maintain his title aspirations, it was the combination of a real winner and the right medication that allowed him, with a knee injury, to bring the opponent to his knees and thus retain his number 1 ranking.


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Maximum dose of medicine

“At one point I honestly didn’t know if I should continue with what was happening,” Djokovic said. “I was given the medicine, and after the third set was over, I asked for more medicine and I got it.”

“That was the maximum dose that started working after 30 to 45 minutes, right at the end of the fourth set when things started to improve for me. I started to feel less restriction in my movement.”


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Fifth set without pain

In the final set, the world saw how Djokovic, despite his injuries and many sets in his legs, lived up to his status as the best tennis player in the world. “The entire fifth set was almost without pain, which was great.”

After winning the match, Djokovic felt good due to the medication, but he immediately warned about the quarter-finals. “The effect of the drugs won’t last long, so we’ll see.”


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Uncertainty about quarter-final

“I think we will do more examinations and tests tomorrow. We already did some with the doctor immediately after the match. There were positive news, but also some concerns, so we will wait and see tomorrow.”

“I can’t say more at the moment. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or the day after, whether I will be able to go on the court and play. I hope so.”


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Complaining about the job

During his competition there were also some discussions about the track in Paris. Djokovic doesn’t blame anyone because, according to him, everyone works hard to make the conditions as good as possible.

“We cannot treat these circumstances as normal circumstances,” Djokovic added. “We had really bad weather for days, even a week. So that affected the track itself.”

Take care of the court during the sets

Djokovic continues his criticism and makes a careful link to his injury. “Today I injured myself, yes I survived. I won the match. But will I be able to play the next one? I don’t know.”

Finally, Djokovic wonders whether the injury could have been prevented. “Possibly, if there had just been a little more care for the track during the set. That’s really all I’m asking.”

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