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Romina Manguel defenestrated Roberto Moldavsky for his comments about Gerardo Rozín: “You would have remembered when he was dying”


Romina Manguel attacked Roberto Moldavsky for his sayings about Gerardo Rozin and expressed his anger.

Days ago, the comedian gave a note to LAM (America TV) and remembered what his relationship with the driver was like. “Rozín became my great friend in life. Unfortunately we said goodbye almost two days before… We saw each other at lunch. (…) We were talking about life. Gerardo came to Mar del Plata when I was in season and slept at my house when he usually didn’t sleep at anyone’s house, he always stayed in hotels.”

In turn, Moldavsky visited Ángel de Brito’s program on the Bondi streaming, where he gave details about his last meeting with Rozín at a lunch and said that that was their farewell. “The decision had already been made that he was not going to continue with the medication. I thought it would last longer and I was going to come back from a trip and see him again, but the next day there was practically no turning back.” , lament.

What Romina Manguel said about Roberto Moldavsky

These statements upset Romina Manguela close friend of Gerardo and his family, who stated through a message on the Internet: “I read people missing a friend who passed away. You look. In life and sick you behaved badly. With him and with his family. I don’t know if you knew how much your abuse suffered.“.

Romina Manguel against Roberto Moldavsky

After her release in X, the journalist spoke with Show Partners (El Trece) and delved into the reason for his anger: “He didn’t behave well with the family. If not, look who retweeted my message… Carmela, the mother of Gerardo’s daughter. It is a very complicated topic for me. Hang on to someone who died and who can’t go out and deny a lot of atrocities you’re saying, which aren’t true…“.

“That person hurts me and I go out to defend my friend, my brother, who was part of my family for 30 years. To read then that someone takes away a friendship, that they miss him… you would have remembered when he was dying, that he needed you and you were not there“, he stated.

I saw him suffer a lot from people who turned their backs on him, who betrayed him.. If you mess with my friend who is dead, I will give you a fight. Gerardo from above must be whoring. Gerardo had a very bad time, the fact is sacred; He was not there, he turned his back on him and did not accompany him or his family.“he concluded Romina Manguel against Roberto Moldavsky.

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