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Romina Uhrig, complicated after the accusation of money laundering: “The situation is serious”


Romina Uhrig and her ex-husband, Walter Festa, were charged with money laundering about a month ago. Although she tried to downplay it, recently It was known that his situation is complicated.

Fernando Burlandodefense lawyer for the former Big Brother, spoke with Alejandro Castelo for LAM (America TV) and revealed what his client’s judicial situation is like.

“We were chatting, defining some things. The cause is complicated. This idea of ​​lack of commitment from politicians’ wives when things happen that don’t have to happen or that have an illicit background… makes it a compromised situation, beyond their innocence. It is difficult to prove that he is not involved in the maneuvers that he is accused of, it is not easy.“said the lawyer.

In turn, Burlando pointed out Walter Festa, also accused of money laundering: “He is not helping, nothing. We are not going to seek his help either.”

About how he is Romina Uhrig In spirit, the lawyer said: “She is convinced of her innocence, what’s more, when you try to explain to her the seriousness of the issue, her innocence gets the better of her and she doesn’t understand why this is something complicated, very complex.“.

Why Justice investigated Romina Uhrig

Journalist Rodrigo Alegre reported in Central TN (All News) that Romina Uhrigformer participant of Big Brother 2022 and former member of the chamber of deputies, and his former Walter Festaformer mayor of Moreno, are being investigated by the Federal Justice of Morón.

“They are both being charged with money laundering. The prosecutor’s office is asking for a series of measures. There is a case that was being processed in the provincial justice system where Festa was investigated for illicit enrichment as a public official. From this cause this now follows: accusation against Romina Uhrigfinalist of Big Brotherand against the former mayor of Moreno,” Alegre explained on the air.

Along these lines, the journalist detailed: “There are a series of properties on the coast, in a country called Villa Robles, that is being investigated; a house in a private neighborhood in the Gral. Rodríguez area; a property purchased in the province of Salta in the town of Cafayate.”

Justice is requesting information from the AFIP and at the same time is requesting information from the Property Registry of the propertyand at the same time, information to the registries of ships and yachts. There is a question of assets of funds that the Justice understands that there are necessary indications to initiate an investigation for money laundering. There is talk of paying 100 thousand dollars in cash for a house,” she concluded.

“She as a couple, now I don’t know what her marital status is, but at a certain point both of them were married and the Justice Department is investigating them as a result of the purchase of properties, cars and money management. They have even asked for information from the Financial Information Unit to see the dividends of both and two other people, because there was an issue that they bought a property and transferred ownership of that property to another person.

After the commotion, in dialogue with Crónica Tv, Romina Uhrig She assured that she was very calm in the face of the strong accusations, and maintained that her lawyer is working on the issue. Likewise, she pointed out that she has nothing to do with it and that the only thing she needs is to work to be able to support her family. As she said, both she and Festa are awaiting the trial date.

“I found out yesterday, my lawyer is taking care of it, and I am calm because the only thing I washed in my life was clothes,” launched a note with the Run Run of the show.

And I add: “I’m super calm, but whether you like it or not at work, I work a lot with my networks, this shits you… It’s the only thing that makes me very bad, because today I’m with my girls, separated and I need to work” , launched about his future job.

About the money laundering case carried out by the prosecutor Mariela Labozzetaand the prosecutor Leonardo Filippini, Romina Uhrig finished the topic: “I hope all this ends soon, if you say that they bring things to light that are true, you can put up with it, but when they come out with lies and want to get you dirty, it’s something else.”

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