Thursday, June 20, 2024

Romina Uhrig was contacted by two great comedians to be part of their play


Romina Uhrig She was contacted by two great comedians to be part of their show at the Teatro Astralso the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe) could officially debut on Calle Corrientes.

Thanks to the visit of the former deputy to A la Barbarossa (Telefe), Pia Shaw took the opportunity to reveal unpublished information about his future career: “We can confirm that we are facing the brunette that everyone is going to talk about because she is going to be part of the new play with Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti.

Far from denying it, he decided to provide more information: “They called me and I’m very happy but I still haven’t said anything. It’s not going to be a star show, there are three sketches. They are very fun, very good. “I just had the meeting yesterday.”

However, as the journalist was informed, “There is the brunette that is Romina, but the blonde is missing. It may be Coty Romero“. In this way, the Corrientes could once again see themselves face to face with Uhrig, with whom they smoothed out rough edges With the passage of time after his scandalous passage through Big Brother (Telefe).

What is the relationship between Romina Uhrig and Coty Romero like?

Last year, Coty Romero spoke at ‘The streaming of Bailando 2023’ (América TV), about his relationship with Romina Uhrig. The Corrientes admitted that the differences that she estranged between them in the house of ‘Big Brother’ (Telefe), They were left behind and managed to rebuild their bond.

Coty He was telling an anecdote about which Romina Was part. “Romi and I went into the men’s bathroom, we both accompanied each other, we became second, because the women’s line was very long.”he expressed almost in passing and without much hesitation.

However, his streaming partner, ‘Aunt Sebi’did not ignore the information he had heard, and launched: “So everything is fine with Romi, right?”

“Yes, everything is fine, she is in a relationship, I know she has a good relationship with ‘El Cone’, but it doesn’t bother me. Now I know her from another side and I am very happy to know that she is different from what I thought.”he indicated Cotyrecognizing the current good relationship established with Rominaand having left behind the conflicts they were involved in.


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