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Ronen Suarc’s heartbreaking post about the death of his father: “I will never know why you decided that your end was like this”


Ronen Suarc He shared a heartbreaking post online about the death of his father and remembered him with great love.

The journalist, who currently resides in New York, He said that his father decided to end his life by throwing himself onto the train tracks in Buenos Aires.. “It’s a taboo topic, but we have to talk about it and make mental health a topic to talk about without fear,” she asked.

What happened to Ronen Suarc’s father

Today I must say goodbye to you with great pain, but I want you to know that you did a good job in my life.. Your example of a tireless worker is something that I inherited and I am similar to you. Your opinions, your positions, many of us did not even agree I don’t know if you ever accepted my choice of freedom and love, but that never mattered to me, I’m a rebel and you knew it.“, introduced Ronen Suarc your publication.

“I always held you as long as I could. I hope one day I understand what was going through your mind when you were walking to your final destination. I will never know why after a life dedicated to your beloved patients, you decided that your end was like this“He lamented. “In general, we do not decide when that last day of life arrives and you made the decision on that day,” he continued.

This week I turned 46 and it was the only birthday in my entire life that you didn’t greet me.. I do not know why. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know, I don’t know… I hope one day some of the questions will be answered. For now I have a long way to go, it’s a shame we couldn’t travel it together for longer,” the communicator expressed sadly.

Ronen Suarc's farewell to his father

And he continued with words for his father: “Thank you dad for everything and I am not going to deny that I am a little angry for not being able to understand, but it will pass, I am sure. May you have peace in your heart, something that until that last moment you didn’t have I never imagined this personal tragedy but today I have to live it, go through it and move forward, that’s how it will be. Another learning that life puts on my path. I can risk that it is the most difficult of my life“.

About the end of the post, Ronen Suarc told how his father took his own life: “I want to be clear because sometimes it’s embarrassing to ask, but what happened was:
My dad threw himself onto the train tracks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a taboo topic, but we have to talk about it and make mental health a topic to talk about without fear. Thank you for being there and understanding my pain.“.

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