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Rui Moreira says that the Government “does not want to recognize” “insufficient” policing in Movida do Porto

“What seems obvious to me is that the minister [da Administração Interna] you can come up with any reasons you like for not wanting gratified policing on the street, but the reason is different, mr. Minister does not want gratified policing on the street because he does not want to recognize that the PSP staff available on the streets is not enough. It’s the only explanation I can find, now invoking private interests seems like an excuse for a bad payer”, said today, in statements to Lusa, Rui Moreira.

The mayor, who reacted to the statements by the Minister of Internal Administration regarding gratified policing in Movida do Porto, stated that José Luís Carneiro tried to “find a cunning way of explaining something that cannot be explained”, by refusing to place the PSP “at be remunerated by private interests”.

“Talking about private interests in relation to gratified policing, in my view, is incomprehensible in view of what we see”, he said, giving as an example the carrying out of gratified actions by the PSP in supermarkets, gold buying and selling stores or sports venues.

“It is a political decision by the minister, which is based on not wanting to recognize that, in fact, the existing policing in the streets of Movida today is insufficient”, said today, in statements to Lusa, Rui Moreira”, reinforced Rui Moreira.

Speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the anniversary of the District Command of the PSP of Bragança, José Luís Carneiro today refused to put the PSP to do gratified service in Movida do Porto, an area that concentrates the majority of nightlife spaces.

“We must not put the Police to be remunerated by particular interests, namely at night, which is a period when there are levels of threats and risks and when there are flows whose nature requires independence, impartiality and impartiality from all proof,” said the ruler.

In a clarification sent to Lusa, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) later completed the minister’s statements, stating that “the PSP supervises the bars and there would be a conflict of interests if, at the same time, it were providing paid services to those entities. As the PSP does not supervise the activity of supermarkets, this incompatibility does not arise”.

Asked about the clarifications from the MAI, Rui Moreira stated that “the PSP oversees security at football stadiums and also carries out gratified policing at football stadiums”.

“Once again this is not true. It is the competence of the PSP, it is the competence of the Internal Administration to guarantee protection and security throughout the public space and, if that is the understanding of the minister, then there should not be gratified policing anywhere “, said Rui Moreira.

Saying it was “perfectly respectable” that the minister did not want to put the PSP to carry out gratified policing in Movida do Porto, Rui Moreira pointed out, however, that José Luís Carneiro “is an excuse for trying to find arguments that do not correspond to the reality perceived by everyone”.

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