Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Russia claims to have hit the headquarters of Ukraine’s Southern Command


A man was killed when a Russian attack hit this car in Kharkiv county on Wednesday. Photo: Andrij Marienko / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 01.05.2024 13:54:00

Policy: Both rockets and artillery were used during the air attack, the ministry stated on Wednesday.

The message also states that Russia has secured better positions along the entire front line.

The information has not been confirmed by independent sources, and there is little concrete information about the attack.

It has also been reported that at least three people have been killed by Russian glide bombs targeting Kharkiv county in north-east Ukraine. The attacks were aimed at a car and a private home in the town of Zolotchiv, barely a mile from the Russian border, writes Governor Oleh Synjehubov on the messaging app Telegram.

The governor of the city confirms the attack, but writes on Telegram that no people were killed or injured. Ukraine has developed drones that allow them to hit oil facilities deep inside Russian territory. The US is critical of the attacks for fear that they will lead to an increase in oil prices, but Ukraine maintains that they will try to destroy fuel supplies to the Russian army.

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow reports that during the night they intercepted Ukrainian drones in the Russian regions of Voronezh, Ryazan, Belgorod and Kursk.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities have reported that apartment blocks, office buildings, school buildings and health buildings have been affected in Odesa, which is located in the south-west of Ukraine. Three people are said to have been killed in the town

Ukraine, for its part, reports that it has carried out a drone attack against an oil refinery in the Russian city of Ryazan, barely 20 miles south-east of Moscow.


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