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Sabrina Cortéz published a strong message amid rumors of Alan Simone’s infidelity and they destroyed her


Sabrina Cortez broke the silence after various rumors began to circulate claiming that Alan Simone I was being unfaithfuldespite the fact that they confirmed their relationship a week ago.

After the former participants They will seal their love in Big Brother (Telefe) with a kiss upon her re-entry, the young woman confirmed that they were a couple. However, the happiness was short-lived as, after a few minutes, Several women uploaded messages on.

Quickly, the model did not hesitate to defend her current boyfriend: “They have already come out who want a couple of followers on social networks, if you have a conversation with him, send me a video of the screen opening the chat, otherwise stop dreaming”. But, hours later, she began to publish some phrases from songs that indicated that the messages were true.

Sabrina Cortéz on Alan Simone's infidelity rumors
Sabrina Cortéz on Alan Simone’s infidelity rumors

In any case, Sabrina remained silent until Alan shared a collage of photos of the couple on his networks showing that everything was the same as always. But, Cortéz returned her gesture by uploading a story of her on her Instagram account with a photo of her crying and with the text: “I hope they know how to value who they have by their side, always”accompanied by an emoji with a broken heart.

Alan Simone shared a collage of photos with Sabrina Cortéz
Alan Simone shared a collage of photos with Sabrina Cortéz

Immediately, they destroyed her online as they reminded her of the beginning of their relationship when the young woman was unfaithful to her partner of eight years in the reality show: “Hey, but wasn’t she unfaithful to her boyfriend? Karma hits hard,” “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I thought it was going to last a few more months,” “people who take photos of themselves crying in pain strike me as strange, karma was very quick for them.”

How Sabrina and Alan announced their courtship

On Tuesday, June 4, the former participants entered the house of Big Brother (Telefe), and it was different from the gala on June 3 since everyone started shouting: there were insults, encouragement, and support for the little brothers who are still in the game. Furthermore, they learned of the confirmation that Alan Simone is in a couple with Sabrina Cortez, and Damián César Moya is in a couple with Florencia Cabrera.

Those who entered on this occasion were: Coty Romero, Catalina Gorostidi, Florencia Regidor, Damián Moya, Paloma Méndez, Sabrina Cortéz, Alan Simone, Florencia Cabrera, Joel Ojeda, Williams López and Rosina Beltrán.

However, the focus of attention was Juliana Furia Scaglione since she destroyed Joel Ojeda and Catalina Gorostidi, among others, with cataracts of insults. For their part, the couple supported Sabrina with Alan and he noticed details that to the outside are more than clear.

At one point, the former participants gathered at the door of the SUM and began shouting at each other with the competitors. It was there where Damian confirmed his relationship with Cabrera as well as, the massive peak between Coty, Rosina, Sabrina, Flor Regidor, and Catalina.


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