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Sabrina Rojas, categorical about the romance of Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani: “I don’t care about her”


Sabrina Rojas talked about the romance of Luciano Castro and Griselda Sicilianiand assured that he already knew about it before it became public.

In dialogue with Santiago Sposato for LAM (America TV)the actress stated: “I’m interested in who my children are linked to, then who my children’s father dates… Florencia, Griselda or a kangaroo, it doesn’t matter to me.”

I didn’t find out on TV, I knew it before. I don’t want to say since when because they are dates and things that the protagonists don’t say… As long as ‘the fat one’ is in family harmony, he can do what he wants with whoever he wants,” he continued.

“Likewise, Griselda is a person who, in general, everyone likes. I don’t know if you do too,” the chronicler wanted to know. “I don’t like him either good or bad, I don’t care. I had very little contact, but I did know that she is my ex’s ex, from many years ago… we have crossed paths. It seems that there was fire left in the ashes, let them revive them with love“, answered Sabrina Rojas.

Are Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani together?

Griselda Siciliani confirmed his romance with Luciano Castro after the viralization of photos having dinner together.

During the weekend, from the social networks of LAM (America TV) Images of the actors sharing a meal were released, and finally confirmation came that they are starting a relationship.

Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani

This Monday in Intruders (America TV), Guido Zaffora shared the word of Griselda Siciliani Regarding romance rumors with Luciano Castrobut who obtained confirmation from the actress was Laura Ubfal.

“I’m talking to Griselda. I told her ‘I’ll see you at the theater today, but first, what’s with Luciano?’ She answers me ‘I’ll see you today’, and When I ask him about Luciano he sends me a face with two hearts“, said the journalist. And he added: “He tells me: ‘Don’t ask me, I don’t like to talk about those topics.’“.

In turn, Záffora said that this love bond dates back a long time: “I asked a question to a person very close to the couple and he told me that They had several turns, like a sexual couple, very good sex. When Griselda was separated from Adrián Suar and Castro was starting with Sabrina Rojas in 2007, that’s when it was cut off. When Castro was dating Sabrina, nothing happened there, he was super faithful to Sabrina. Later when they separated, Griselda alone returned to the charge but seeing each other touch and go, Nothing formal. Until recently they had this very powerful sexual bond“.

Then, Laura Ubfalwho was also speaking with the artist, said: “Scoop of Intruders: Griselda Siciliani and Luciano Castro, recognized by her, are dating. ‘Are you with him?’, I asked him. ‘Yes,’ he replied.. Confirmed, they are dating.”

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