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Sabrina Rojas was forceful with a defect of Flor Vigna in live shot: “She has communication problems”


Sabrina Rojas was the guest last Friday, May 17 at Partners of the Show (El Trece), and had some offensive words for Vigna Flower that they left her in a bad light. The funny thing was that she wanted to look good and the opposite happened.

In the program, Mariana Brey one of the panelists argued on the topic that involves the three: “All good. I give my opinion, you give your opinion, everyone says what they think, what they want, what they think, and that can hurt or bother, even if one does not do it with that intention. Now, the person responsible for that is Flor Vigna. We cannot take over a responsibility that belongs to another. Because she is the one who makes the theme, she illuminates it.”

AND Red answered: “We know that Flor has communication problems with the press, that sometimes she gets into trouble on her own.”

Finally, Sabrina Rojas put the cherry on top of the dessert: “Sometimes, she accidentally gets into trouble, and by wanting to clarify something, she makes it even darker.”

What happens between Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino

Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino They sparked romance rumors following a cheeky photo he shared online.

It was the journalist Gustavo Mendez who gave the information and said: “Last week I heard a rumor that Sabrina and Juani would be together. I kept looking for information about it and Yesterday he uploaded a photo with her, without taking her away“.

Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino romance
Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino romance

I asked Juani what’s up with Sabrina, if they were seeing each other and he replied: ‘No, no, I’m alone.’. “Sabrina nailed me for the second time,” she added.

I already have it confirmed. Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino have been seeing each other for a few weeks“, detailed the journalist through his Instagram stories.

At the same time, Karina Iavicoli counted on Intruders (America TV) that he communicated with the actress and that he denied her the romance: “He completely denied it but when I sent him the photo, he didn’t respond again.“.

It is worth remembering that Sabrina Rojas separated from Tucu López at the end of 2023 on good terms and, so far, has not whitewashed any love relationship.

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