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Sandra Borghi revealed what Fabiola Yáñez’s present is like in Spain, separated from Alberto Fernández: “She leads a very austere life”


Sandra Borghi confirmed that Fabiola Yanez She is separated from Alberto Fernández and revealed what his present is like in Spainwhere he recorded a documentary to tell “his truth.”

During the weekend, Lío Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio counted in The Run Run of the Show (Chronicle) that the former first lady separated from the former president, and now the journalist gave details about Fabiola’s new life.

Fabiola Yáñez today leads a very austere life, she doesn’t have a car, she lives in a 2-bedroom apartment in the center of Madrid, which is not hers. She goes out alone to do the shopping and take care of her son. He has his own projects to work on, he has just finished the documentary and his book,” reported Sandra Borghi in X.

The life of Fabiola Yáñez in Spain

And he added: “‘I have to be strong for my son‘, he tells his surroundings. The same small environment that ensures she sees her very alone, missing her family who is in Argentina. ‘He sees no one, a few friends, counted on the fingers of one hand‘”.

In turn, he revealed new details about the documentary that the former first lady recorded: “The name is ‘Fabiola, honestly. There are 6 chapters of 40 minutes each. Talk about everything; about Alberto, about Cristina, she says that she is separated, she talks about the Olivos party, the VIP vaccination center, about corruption.

What will Fabiola Yáñez’s documentary be like?

Sandra Borghi revealed unpublished details about the documentary he recorded Fabiola Yanez in Spain and he announced that it will be shocking.

The journalist announced the news and in a note with Not very correct (The thirteen) said that the former first lady “decided to speak” because “has things to say“and he couldn’t do it before.

“You can see that he took his time, She has been in Spain for a year with her son and decided to talk. She recorded all the material, which is in a documentary. It is edited and there are hours of recording where she is talking to the camera with a ponytail, with a washed face and sitting. There is no journalist, no interlocutor. “It’s her telling the truth about her,” he recounted. Sandra Borghi.

Regarding Fabiola’s intention in exposing this material, the communicator expressed: “Evidently she has things to say, that she couldn’t say before, and she feels that now is the time.”

“It is far from Alberto Fernandezbecause he is here and she is there, I cannot reliably tell you that they are separated because that is not what they say… But She feels like an exile, she feels like she can’t come to Argentina. She wants to tell everything she experienced before her relationship with Alberto Fernández, during and after“Borghi added.

In turn, the host explained that the former first lady will also make reference to the famous Olivos festival in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020which marked a before and after in her life due to the commotion it generated: “She showed up a lot on the networks with social activities and the turning point was the party in Olivos.”

“He clearly speaks about Alberto, the Government and his role alongside him. They are shocking details of what she experienced. I saw sections and it’s tremendoushas a lot to say and wants to talk. Why didn’t he speak until now? Obviously they didn’t let her and by taking distance he is encouraged to speak. “He found out on TV that this was recorded, he didn’t know,” he concluded. Sandra Borghi about the documentary he recorded Fabiola Yanez in Spain.

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