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Santiago del Moro announced new entries to the Big Brother house


Santiago del Moro announced that new people will enter Big Brother (Telefe) at the gala on Monday, May 27, after the last visitors are the family and friends of the participants.

The driver released the scoop through his Instagram account where he assured that tonight will be full of “surprises and challenges.” In this way, he revealed that “today 10:30 p.m. they come in”.

Santiago del Moro announced new entries to Big Brother
Santiago del Moro announced new entries to Big Brother

Immediately, the networks began to speculate about the possibility that Lucía Maidana, Rosina Beltrán and Zoe Bogach go back to the house. However, Laura Ubfal denied this possibility: “They are not The Powerpuffs”.

Laura Ubfal reveals details of the new entries to Big Brother
Laura Ubfal reveals details of the new entries to Big Brother

So, it is only known so far that it will be women who will enter the most famous house in the country but it is unknown if they are new participants, former participants or some famous ones.

Could Marcos Ginocchio return to Big Brother?

Marcos Ginocchio received the proposal Telefe to re-enter the house Big Brother. Santiago del Moro explained that The winner of the last edition of the reality show will return to accompany the finalists in the last section. After this, alleged details of the conditions that the model would have requested were known.

Journalist Juan Etchegoyen announced the figure that Marcos Ginocchio I would have asked to enter Big Brother in the final of the program.

“The proposal to Marcos has already been made and he accepted it. The issue is the money that the model asked for to be part of the final of the contest and set a condition,” said the host of “Miter Live”.

Marcos demanded the sum of 5 thousand dollars to enter the house. For Big Brother, that sum is nothing with everything they billed and will bill in the final, but the media is taking great care of the money. They told him that they were going to confirm it but that’s not all,” Etchegoyen added.

“They tell me that there is no way he is going to be at the house for several days, and that Marcos asked to enter the final -The estimated day that emerged days ago is July 8-. The idea is that you enter before the first result of that final is known, ande before Santiago indicates who is the first participant to leave the house”he added.

And he concluded: “Beyond this, What Marcos also requested is that Telefe take care of all the expenses involved in his trip from Salta to Buenos Aires. and the corresponding hotel nights.”


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