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Santiago del Moro confirmed that “Furia” did the spontaneous thing before leaving Big Brother due to her health problem: “It was her”


Santiago del Moro announced in his official Instagram account that Juliana Furia Scaglione She made the spontaneous nomination after a participant (Emmanuel Vich) was disqualified for talking too much, and as soon as he was re-enabled, the player took advantage of the opportunity before she retired from the game on medical orders.

The host of the program stated via Instagram stories that the player made the spontaneous nomination after the Supreme Court’s announcement where she was disabled because they talked too much, and the stunt double took advantage of the fact that she was enabled once again.

Santiago del Moro announced who made the spontaneous
Santiago del Moro announced who made the spontaneous

Through his account, the driver announced: “Last night after the announcement she made to the house players, Furia took advantage of the fact that they had canceled the spontaneous match and made it herself.“, and Santiago del Moro hill: “Today 10:30 p.m. nomination gala.”

What was Big Brother’s announcement about the spontaneous?

The supreme spoke to the boys about the misuse of spontaneous speech, and warned them that they must remain silent at all times when spontaneous speech is in play. Since they didn’t, Big Brother announced that voting was disabled, and enabled it again. When that happened, Fury took advantage and performed it

“I want to inform everyone that this week the spontaneous nomination was made. However, the person who made it (Emmanuel) implied to several colleagues that he had made it, thus violating the secrecy required by the regulations,” he started saying Big Brother.

“Therefore, I made the decision to annul these votes and announce that the spontaneous vote is enabled again from this moment,” he remarked.

On April 17 we will know who Juliana Furia Scaglione’s votes were, and those of the other little brothers in Big Brother since we will have a new nomination gala.

Then, Federico ‘Manzana’ Farías, Martín Ku, Nicolás Grosman and Bautista Masciathey ran towards the confessional quickly with the intention of making use of the spontaneous one.

Notably, Emmanuel Vich He had the benefit of doubling his votes by answering the red phone, but he also lost this benefit and will only be able to vote normally.

The plaque for this Wednesday, April 17, will be positive again, although the participants will vote negatively without knowing it.

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