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Santiago del Moro defended Furia again and Agostina crossed him in the middle of Big Brother: “Is it a game for everyone or for her alone?”


Santiago del Moro took the side of Juliana Furia Scaglione again after his reprehensible insults towards the former participants of Big Brother (Telefe)and Agostina Spinelli He faced it face to face by not agreeing.

After what Eliana Guercio will show the board where she wrote each of the bad comments that Juliana received from the panelists and fans on the networks.some former participants came out on the defensive like Joel and Agostinabut the host of the program remarked again: “We are not discussing issues of state. It is a simple game, nothing more or less than that.”

At that moment, Spinelli He stopped it and compared it to a situation he experienced inside the house when the former participants returned: “Santi, when Mauro (D’Alessio) picked me up, you yourself told me that they are isolated, that they take everything the wrong way and like it wasn’t good. It’s a game. Or is it a game for everyone or for her alone?” ?

However, the driver expressed: “You didn’t understand me. That’s why I misexpressed myself or you misunderstood me. What I wanted to tell you is that they are the isolated ones. They enhance any gesture.”

Finally, he concluded: “What I tell them is because surely in a few weeks when everyone is outside, because this ends in 4 weeks, they will all get along well. Some more, some less, and everything will be an anecdote. I always remind them itself, it’s a television program. Every atrocity is said there, and it’s a TV program.”

What did Santiago del Moro say about Furia’s insults in Big Brother?

This Tuesday, June 4, the six little brothers who were left in the reality show were again in the SUM to see what their former teammates were doing, even though they couldn’t hear what they were saying.

However, the most controversial player yelled and insulted several of them, and Santiago del Moro He came out to talk about it on his radio program. “When this level of delirium is generated, I go back to the same thing. It’s a television show and a competition. She was very upset yesterday, but they react according to how they see them coming in.”

On the other hand, he clarified that “Anyone can make his statements and they are wrong”. Despite this, he concluded: “Everyone says ‘you’re skinny, you’re fat, you’re pretty.'”

Later, they went out to destroy it on the networks since the fans believe that it is the “protected” of the production and who do not dare to expel her from the reality show.

“At times I think it can’t be that stupid, but here it is… every day it improves more and more”; “She could hang Arturo live and he’s going to say it’s a television show”; “It disgusts me. You can’t be so sick to justify shitty comments that could ruin someone’s life,” expressed some of the comments in repudiation of the defense of Santiago del Moro toward Rage.

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