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Scandal at Eurovision: the representative of the Netherlands was expelled after being denounced by a woman from the production


The Dutch contestant Joost Klein He was expelled from Saturday’s Eurovision final a few hours after the event after an incident unrelated to the controversy over Israel’s participation in the Gaza war.

Why Joost Klein was expelled from Eurovision 2024

Swedish police have investigated a complaint made by a female member of the production team following an incident after his performance in Thursday night’s semifinal,” said the European Broadcasting Union In a statement referring to the reason for the expulsion of Joost Kleinrepresentative of Netherlands. And they added: “While the legal process takes its course, it would not be appropriate for it to continue in the Contest.”

Joost Klein
Joost Klein

On the other hand, the Swedish police informed the AFP who had questioned a man for alleged intimidation. “The crime was committed at the Malmo stadium on Thursday night,” said police spokesman Pelle Vamstad.

This incident has nothing to do with his attitude towards other delegations, according to the EBUin reference above all to the histility that the singer showed when he was placed next to the Israeli participant during a press conference.

At the press conference after the second semi-final, Klein repeatedly covered his face with a Dutch flag and made hostile comments when placed next to the Israeli contestant. Eden Golan, only 20 years old, who has been the target of threats and violent attitudes from third parties due to his origin. Despite the malicious questions from some journalists, Eden responded in the most polite and calm way, contrary to the actions of other contestants.

The final of the popular Eurovision song contest takes place this Saturday in the Swedish city of Malmö, where thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators are expected to protest against Israel’s involvement in the war in Gaza.

The organization of the contest only allows the entry of flags of the participating countries and prohibits any poster with a political message inside the Malmö Arena so that music, sequins and fun are the only protagonists of the evening. To that end, attendees will have to pass reinforced security checks.

After getting her ticket to the final on Thursday, Israeli singer Eden Golan, with her song “Hurricane“, appears along with Croatia and Switzerland as the favorite in the betting houses to win this contest, which last year was followed by more than 160 million television viewers.

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