Scandal between Brunenger and Tiago PZK: the streamer accused the singer of hitting him in a bowling alley with five friends

Scandal between Brunenger and Tiago PZK: the streamer accused the singer of hitting him in a bowling alley with five friends

Scandal between Brunenger and Tiago PZK: the streamer accused the singer of hitting him in a bowling alley with five friends

Brunengerrecognized worldwide for being a streamer and having won several awards in the Coscu Army Awardsrecorded a video full of blows to his face and accused the singer Tiago PZK of attacking him in a bowling alley with his five friends, something that the artist quickly denied.

What did Brunenger say after being hit by Tiago PZK?

The streamer showed his face in some stories from your Instagram account and told his version of events, emphasizing again and again that he was not part of a “fight”but they went looking for him to directly hit him.

“I was in Picheo, calm, waiting for Valen, with Pablo, who was in the bathroom. They came, they beat him out. Tiago pzk came wanting to talk, shouting. And he started hitting me among 6 friends, but these are the same ones who become moralists and then come and hit you with six of them when they are alone, because a guard came and took Pablo away and I was left alone, my friends started hitting me from the sides, him from the front, that is, from the front. everywhere between six”, He started saying.

“What a bunch of shits. He comes to want to talk, ‘you’re going to come talk to me in the bathroom’, and he hits me at once. And there was a problem between one and one, but the friends started hitting me from the side. He threw himself He stood back and let all his friends come and hit me, that’s what you do when you’re a cunt and have a dirty ass. The most I’ve done is some interaction on Twitter. But hitting six is ​​very clumsy and very clumsy. hypocrite”, the streamer explained.

After telling his version, Brunenger He attended the guard to check that he had not suffered any serious damage from the blows he would have received, and expressed that he will continue telling what happened in a stream: “Now I’m on guard to make sure there’s nothing wrong with him. The first thing you know is that if I didn’t want to look for a bard or want to fight, he was the first one who came to hit me, the one who unleashed everything.”

“He came to talk when I didn’t want to talk and he was face to face and he hit me. A security guy got in the way, he was taking out a friend and the only thing he did was separate them and then they started hitting me between everyone. If you really want to talk to someone, you’re not going to look for them in the bathroom of a bowling alley, you’re going to send them a message,” he detailed.

Finally, Brunenger He clarified that he would be thinking of filing a legal complaint against Tiago PZK: “Tomorrow I’m going to tell you how it was step by step because I don’t want to do it quickly and not understand it well, but it made me angry. When I was face to face, he came and hit me at once. This wasn’t a fight, it was all of them.” hitting me. Tomorrow I will tell you everything well, fact by fact. This is not going to stay like this, I am going to have to take some action because this is not good.

What did Tiago PZK say after being accused of hitting Brunenger?

Hours later, the singer came out to defend himself and also told the other version of the events: “I was at a party a while ago and I see a person who was having a couple of troubles with me, and we never clarified it, we never talked about it. I approach him and say: ‘Hey, come on, let’s talk in the bathroom,’ because I wanted to Just talk. People who know me know that I never get carried away. I approach him to talk, and he tells me: ‘No, no, I don’t want to talk.’ He comes face to face and tells me: ‘What’s up, what’s up with my friend?'”

“At that moment everything went to hell, people. I couldn’t control the situation and everything went to hell. I approached the guy and told him: ‘I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to talk, I wasn’t going to hit you, I wasn’t going to hit you.’ I was going to do nothing’. In which I tell him ‘I wasn’t going to hit you’, the guy gets crazy, he says: ‘What are you going to hit me, do you think I’m afraid of you?’, and the guy goes away. “He puts me face to face and pushes me. I want it to be very clear that I wanted to talk to him, I didn’t want to make a mess, I didn’t want any of this.”he remarked.

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