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Scandal in Big Brother: Florencia Regidor spit in her colleagues’ food and they ask for her immediate expulsion


Florence Regidor was criticized on social media after her reprehensible behavior of spitting in her teammates’ food, and fans demanded her immediate expulsion from Big Brother (Telefe).

In the last few hours, a video went viral through X where the player is seen preparing food for her teammates, but at one point, Florence He walked over to the pot and spit into it what he was eating.

Internet users did not take long to strike her down, and expressed themselves with great anger: “I don’t understand, he tastes the food and spits it out. It’s the filthiest thing I’ve ever seen”; “I try to defend her, but she doesn’t help”; “Sanction for Florence”; “How disgusting the dirty one”; “Expulsion, crazy… a little order.”

What happened between Florencia and Nicolás in Big Brother?

Florence Regidor, who has a relationship “couple” with Nicolas Grosmanconfronted him face to face after seeing the plot they made with The Bros in Big Brother (Telefe), and left him exposed in the middle of the house as he pointed directly at Bautista Mascia and Martín Ku.

During the week, Nicholas had the opportunity to answer the red phone that gave him the opportunity to have a private dinner at the SUM and be able to talk with two of his colleagues, among them, Bautista and Martin.

However, what they did not know is that the benefit was for the participants who stayed in the living room, and listened to all of the plans. The Bros. For this reason, Florence got angry because Nicholas He allowed his classmates to vote for her to be nominated, although he refused to do so.

In this way, the players decided not to tell what they saw, although Regidor was offended since his “partner” did not know how to defend her. For this reason, he asked him privately: “Do you take care of me?”

“Why do you ask me that?”, Nicholas replied. And she assured: “You don’t give a damn about me. What an actor, you idiot. You’re a very good actor. Mask. Mask of shit.” And I add: “You never do what you feel. You always listen, listen, listen and it leads you to do things you don’t want.”

Then, Grosman He became nervous about the situation and began to put pressure on Florencia: “Who did you talk to about this?” Without filters, she noted: “With nobody. With myself, these are things I observe. What do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Who did you vote for today?” exclaimed Florence. “Well, you voted for Manzana and you don’t want Manzana to leave. Does Chino want Manzana to leave? Yes. You’re stuck with that.”

It is not the first confrontation they have had Florencia Regidor and Nicolás Grosmanand the situation is increasingly tense due to the different game that both play within the house of Big Brother (Telefe).

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