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Scandal in Cannes: Massiel Taveras and Yoona suffered mistreatment from the same security guard who bothered Kelly Rowland


He Cannes Film Festival 2024in addition to its screenings, the passing of iconic personalities and awards, will be remembered as the year in which several celebrities were mistreated by the head of security. Massiel Taveras and Yoona they joined Kelly Rowland in this awkward moment Red carpet.

What happened to security at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

Former Miss Dominican Republic and actress Massiel Taveras paraded through the International Film Festival of Cannes 2024 and had an unpleasant moment with one of the event’s security employees.

In the video that went viral on social networks, Taveras is seen having difficulty climbing the stairs due to the long train of her dress, but above all because the security woman who accompanied her did not allow her to stop to take photos and say hello. to the fans. She constantly hurried her. But at one point, the woman touched Taveras, and she ended up pushing her.

The network quickly filled with comments against the security woman, they remembered that Kelly Rowland and the member of the iconic K-Pop group Girls’ Generation and South Korean actress Yoonastarred in similar episodes with the same person.

On May 23, photos and videos of the event showed Kelly Rowland smiling at the crowd and the paparazzi. However, things turned around while he was climbing some stairs. The former Destiny’s Child member wanted to stop and greet the fans, but The security guard grabbed her from behind and tried to make her move forward..

Initially, Rowland tried to maintain her composure, but seconds later she was seen furious and pointing the woman in the face. Immediately afterwards, the 43-year-old American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and actress, winner of five Grammy Awards, walked away from the woman and the other security elements rushed her companion to another place.

The distinctive thing is that it doesn’t happen with other women. Everyone is given space, except for a few. This caused a flood of Internet users to take to

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland and the security woman

This theory was confirmed by Rowland herself, who when consulted about the episode, responded forcefully: “There were other women who attended that carpet who didn’t look much like me and they weren’t scolded or pushed or told to get off. And I stood firm”.

Some of the thousands of messages they left online on the subject:

  • There is a pattern here. @Festival_Cannes should fire her.
  • It is a SHAME what happened at the Cannes Film Festival. Security’s treatment of artists like Kelly Rowland, Massiel Taveras and Yoona is unacceptable. Out of place. Let’s see if the @Festival_Cannes offers public apologies for the embarrassing incidents
  • How are you going to do this THREE different times and not see that there is a problem? Yoona? Actually? It was bad enough with Kelly Rowland and Massiel Taveras. Who will be the next? Stop racial discrimination @Festival_Cannes
  • People say nonsense like “it’s always about race for them,” which is a racial slur. People should be allowed to express their experiences or oppression without being ridiculed for it. Kelly Rowland wasn’t the only non-white person who was mistreated on the red carpet.
  • They need to fire that racist security woman, because she won’t stop harassing all the women of color in Cannes. Meanwhile, the two white women aren’t being rushed at all.
  • Why is this woman so strict with women of color, but not with others?
  • Does this mean that the Cannes Film Festival allows and condones this type of behavior by security, particularly this same security lady who gave Kelly Rowland the same treatment?
Scandal Cannes Yoona, Kelly Rowland, Massiel Taveras
Scandal Cannes Yoona, Kelly Rowland, Massiel Taveras

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